Economy Picking

Economy Picking

Economy picking is a picking technique that is mixed between sweep picking and alternate picking. You would use alternate picking except when changing strings when you would use the sweep picking, therefore picking in the direction of travel (upstroke if changing to a lower string and a downstroke if changing to a higher string. This technique is mainly used when playing an odd number of notes on a string.

For example – Let’s say that you are playing 3 notes per string and you are starting from the 6th string and finishing on the 1st the picking pattern would be;

D = Downstroke U = Upstroke

6th string – D, U, D

5th string – D, U, D

4th string – D, U, D

3rd string – D, U, D

2nd string – D, U, D

1st string – D, U, D

So as you can see when changing the strings you don’t keep the alternate picking (continuously picking down and up) going but use more of the sweep picking. Meaning that your picking hand is flowing more naturally and your right hand would not be required to move as much, therefore when playing an odd number of notes on each string you can play a lot faster than just alternate picking.

If you are used to alternate picking it can be quite hard to get out of the habit of continuously picking down and up but if you start using this method it can really benefit your playing. Start slow and with this method and gradually speed up as you get comfortable. Practice this with scales that you already know very well but just remember this is used when playing an odd number of notes per string.

Have fun guys

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