How to organise your Pracitce

How to organise your Practice

Practice makes perfect!

However what do you do in your practice time?

It is important to get a bit nerdy with your practice and set a schedule for your practice. Also set goals that you what to achieve and when you hope to achieve them by. Then keep a simple log of your practices. Keeping a log makes it easy to see your development and see if you’re heading the direction that you are wanting.

So what do you do in Guitar Practice?

It’s no good just covering the same things every practice you need to mix it up! If you practice the same things all the time you may get really good at that thing, however you’re not progressing your other skills. Guitar playing involves many different techniques, Scales, Chords etc and the more you learn and practice the better guitarist you’ll be.

Below is a simple practice schedule;

5mins - Warm-up (Click here to see some of my warm-up exercises)

10mins – Scales (Start with some scales that you know then branch out and try learning some new ones)

15mins – Improvisation (using some of the scales that you have just practiced improvise over some music.

20mins – Songs – (This is why we started to play the guitar to learn songs )

10mins – Music Theory ( Music theory is a must for a guitarist that really wants to understand how music is structured and is a great tool when it comes to song writing.)

As mentioned this is a simple practice schedule but is a great place to start. Feel free to add things and change things about when you come to practice.

Hope this helps organise your guitar practice

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