How to Tune a Guitar

How to Tune?

To be able to play guitar you must be in tune. In this short blog I’m going to go over the different ways that you can get in tune.

Buy a Tuner

There are loads of tuners out there but which one to do want?

Clip on – These clip on to the headstock of your guitar and work off vibrations in order to display the note that the string is tuned to. These are generally really small and very portable.

Floor tuner – These are floor-based tuners and are great for gigging. They are normally positioned within your pedal board (if you have one). They are the most expensive tuners on the market but they are the only one not to need a battery as you can power them from the mains.

Hand held – These are very reasonable in price and very portable. They require a battery to power them.

What if you don’t have a Tuner?

There are loads of sites on the Internet that you can use. On the site you can usually set the tuning that you want and then just click on each string and it will start playing through your speakers. Therefore you need to use your ears to match the note on the guitar to the note that’s playing through your computers speakers.

What if you don’t have a tuner or the Internet?

First of all you could find a song that you know how to play and try and tune your guitar using that as a reference.

What if you only have your guitar and no music, Internet or tuner?

Now unless you have perfect pitch you are not going to get your guitar in the exact tuning. However you can tune the guitar so that it is in tune with its self.

Pick the string that you think is the closest to the note it should be then use this as a reference to tune the other strings, to do this look at the diagram below.


Once you get the strings in tune with this method I suggest using natural harmonics to fine tune. Using harmonics to tune is a lot easier to get the guitar completely in tune. If you don’t know how to play a natural harmonic then click here to read my other blog.

See the diagram below.


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