Bad Monkey Overdrive Pedal – Review

Bad Monkey Over drive Pedal – Review

This is one of the cheapest overdrive pedals out there and you can get one for about £25. Generally speaking with anything that you buy, cheap normally means rubbish. This is not the case with the Bad Monkey. This is a great pedal and is praised throughout the guitar world.

This pedal has 4 controls; Level, Low, High and Gain. The level is the volume; Low is to set the bass frequencies, High to set the treble frequencies and Gain to set the amount of overdrive. Therefore you have a lot of options when it comes to create the sound that you’re looking for.

The pedal has one input and two outputs. One output is to connect the pedal to your amp and the second is to connect it straight to a mixing desk or a recording device.

A Guitar pedal such as an overdrive basically gives you another channel to your amp and gives you a different sound. You can use it in many different ways but the main two are; to boost your amp for solos (clean boost) or to create a bluesy channel. So for the clean boost you would set the overdrive at 1 and the level (volume) at 9/10. So if your amp is set on a crunchy setting for rhythm playing when it comes to a solo you can boost the level by switching the Bad Monkey on. This gives you a little bit more gain but more importantly more volume that is require for solo sections. The second is to create a different channel. Generally speaking you would have your amp set on a clean setting and the Bad Monkey would provide a smooth and low gain sound when switched on. You would set the overdrive from anywhere from 5 - 10. This gives great bluesy tones and you can easily achieve a great Stevie Ray Vaughan type of sound.

Finally this is a very reliable pedal. I have had mine for a couple of years now and had no problems with it. You can power it via the mains or by battery. Just make sure that if you are powering it via a battery that you take all the leads out when it’s not in use as it will drain the battery!

Hope you have as much fun as I do with mine and for £25 you can’t really go wrong.

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