Natural Harmonics

So first of all a harmonic is a technique where you can play a note which is far higher in pitch and more than likely impossible to reach by fretting. There are a number of different techniques that you can use to create this but, for this blog I’m going to talk about Natural Harmonics.

Natural Harmonics sound great and are relatively easy to play. Natural Harmonics can only be played on certain parts of the fret board. The most common are on frets 5 and 12. Instead of fretting the strings as you normally would, you need to lightly press the string on the fret (the metal strip). It is important that you only lightly touch the string and not to press it down as you would normally. Now pick the string with your finger lightly touching fret 12, you should hear the Harmonic. However at the moment the note isn’t ringing out. So, once you have picked the string lift your left hand off the note that you were slightly touching. This should let the Harmonic ring out. If it isn’t ringing out then you are not removing you left hand from the note quick enough.

Have a go at the Harmonics on the 5th and 12th frets and then once you have mastered that, try and see if there are any other positions that you can play Natural Harmonics on the fret board.

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