Recording Techniques


Want to know how to Record in Leeds or Bradford?

So you have got to a reasonable level as a guitar/ bass/ Ukulele player and now its time for you to start recording your own ideas and songs. With my help you can do this. 


We would focus on; Recording Techniques, Microphone techniques, how to mix, how to use effects and eq and compression. 


I have recording equipment such as Logic Pro, KRK Rokit 8 monitors, Focusrite audio interface, Mixing desk, Microphones, many amps and guitars  and also the knowledge to help you in your first recordings.

If you don't have recording equipment at home and would 

love to record your ideas and songs then this is the perfect thing for you. 

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To get to record my own songs is amazing and to do it with a very good teacher is even better! I could only record on my phone before and now I'm recording with brilliant equipment. 


Amazing teacher! 


Yan, Leeds